In addition to Windows Vista Movie Maker, Windows Vista provides a great new tool to allow you take some creative advantage of your DVD burners.  This tool is very easy to use and can really take your digital media and turn them into well produced DVD's!

Windows DVD Maker is only available in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate, .  This also allows you to take your digital media, either from your movies or photo galleries and simply import them into a new project and the burn your DVD.,

DVD Maker publishes directly to MPEG-2 format, enabling you to burn DVDs directly from your video camera. Windows DVD Maker also supports a variety of publishing styles for your movies, focused on highlighting your content and creating a customized look and feel.

As a bonus you get not just one screencast but two! 

In these two screencasts I take a look at DVD maker as well as a short talk about the menus!

Watch the Screencasts here:

Enjoy and comment and please let me know what you think!