Good afternoon all of MY Powershell developers.  I am glad you tuned into the webcast on powershell and here a few resources and questions from the webcast.  Please comment if I missed any or if you need additional information.

Replay of the Webcast: Windows PowerShell and Microsoft Management Console

Virtual lab: Longhorn Server - Windows PowerShell and MMC Labcast On-Demand

Question: Where can I get more verbs?

Question: Can you use power shell to run a query that shows processes and the associated network ports and open files for each process?
Answer: Take a look here for more information on that:

Question: What's the worst thing that can happen if you *do* use console.something? Also, what are some of the worst mistakes you've seen made by PS newbies?
Answer: Really this comes back to proper coding and what is the worst thing that can happen there, in regards to powershell you could have a loop that increase cpu utilization, or the app just will not work. I hope that helps.