Good afternoon XFD1048576,

In case you’re wondering who XFD1048576 is, that is the very last cell in an Excel 2007 spreadsheet. :-)

First off thank you for attending the webcast on an exciting technology in SharePoint 2007, Excel Services, I hope you enjoyed seeing all the wonderful possibilities that are out there for Excel 2007 in a collaboration environment.

To see the demos and some other resources take a look here: ITPRODSK-110: Excel Services Technical Overview

Watch a replay of the webcast here: TechNet Webcast: Technical Overview of Excel Services

Without any more delay here are the questions.  Please comment or email if you need more information.

Question: I really like both the new Microsoft Excel 2007 and the Excel Services in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Is there a quick reference guide for the new features?
Answer: There are a couple of great pages to help you out:

Question: is there a trial version of Excel Svc?
Answer: Yes here is 180 day trial (Thanks Daryllmc): SharePoint Server 2007 Trial Version

Question: Is there any information on ProClarity & the Up incoming PerformancePoint Intergration with Excel Services?
Answer: Unfortunately, I could not find any information that is publicly available as of yet.

Question: Does Excel 2007 lose any functionality in Virtual PC or in SharePoint in Virtual PC?
Answer: None that I am aware of