Good afternoon everyone!

Well I have had the privilege to be published again, not just once but twice!  I really enjoy writing for TechNet magazine, it is a great magazine and if you have not had a chance to read it is a fantastic to keep us IT Pros in the know.  I feel a bit remiss for not blogging sooner about my article in January on Enterprise search.  You can click here to check it out: Find It All with SharePoint Enterprise Search 

I also had my 3rd article published in the March issue.   The article was a fun little article on the comparison of IT Pro's and doctor.  I also believe it is an example of something we all have done!  It is a quick read, check it out here:  The Doctor Is In 

And if you want to read my first article on Windows Desktop Search check out my earlier blog post:
Find Anything With Desktop Search 

I look forward to hearing the comments on what you think about the articles.  Please let me know what you think!  BTW if you get to one of my events in the next few months, bring a copy, I have a Sharpie.  :-)