Can you believe it my manager told me for my first event in March I am going to have to travel ~4000 miles.  My first event is on March 1st and is the last launch event for Microsoft Across America.    Did I mention that the event is in Honolulu?  :-)  I know what you’re thinking tough life.   In reality I have all of you to thank for this trip.  If you have attended my events, web casts, user group meetings and if you’re reading this blog right now I owe you a big thank you!  

So if happen to be traveling to Hawaii or live there, stop by and hang out with launch Aloha style! 

As great as it is to get to Hawaii,It would seem that my travel schedule is not without a sense of humor.  The day after I get back from sunshine, beaches and, shaved ice, I get to make the trip to sunny Grand Rapids, MI and Ann Arbor, MI. :-)  I have to say deep down I am truly excited it has been a while since I have been back to Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor and I look forward to reconnecting with all the IT Pro's! 

Here is the information for the events:

Also on the March 7th, I will be joining the West Michigan Small Business Technology User Group, thanks to my host Richard Kenyon.  Aside from the evening of the 7th, if you have a user group that you would like to have me come visit, all you have to do is drop me an email, and we can try to get it scheduled.

When I get back from Michigan, I then get to go deliver an event I have not been to in a long while.  Fort Worth, I switched events with my good friend Keith Combs, and I will be on Fort Worth on March 13th. 

They say March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion that could not be truer for me.   I look forward to seeing you in March!