Good afternoon Improved Exchange Administrators!

Good afternoon everyone I apologize for the big delay in getting the log posted. I have been out for the last 3 weeks straight at launch events. As you can imagine it is a very exciting and busy time of the year. So without any further delay I want to thank you for attending my webcast on Exchange Server 2007

To watch a replay of the webcast click here: Overview of Exchange Server 2007

Here are the questions and answers from the web cast please comment if I missed any or if you need more information!

Question: Want to take Exchange Server 2007 for a test drive?
Answer: Check out the TechNet Virtual Labs - Exchange Server 2007 -

Question: Can Exchange Server 2007 be installed on Windows 2000 Server?
Answer: Exchange Server 2007 can only be installed to a 64bit Windows 2003 Server which can be "regular" or "R2". We do not support installing Exchange 2007 to Windows Server 2000. Take a look here:

Question: As I understand it Exchange 2007 is not supported on 32 bit systems and a future SBS in a year or two will be 64 bit only and will include Exchange 2007. Can Exchange 2007 be installed on a separate 64 bit application server in a SBS2003 domain? How do you switch the users and existing email from the Exchange 2003 on SBS to the Exchange 2007?
Answer: You are correct - Exchange server 2007 will only be 64 bit - in fact all Server products going forward will only be 64 bit - Longhorn, SBS ... As far as breaking it out for SBS that will be determined in the future as we get to the next SBS. For migrating you will bring up the Exchange 2007 into your existing Exchange environment and "move" existing mailboxes to Exchange 2007 - You will NOT upgrade your existing Exchange Server 2003 as it is 32 bit

Question: How will users connect to Exchange 2007 through their web browser?
Answer: We still use Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Question: How many Clients can connect to exchange 2007 Standard, how many clients/CAL?
Answer: For every client/user that connects, they must have a CAL. You can view licensing information here:

Question: Will I need two Exchange servers in order to protect my network from virus/spam. i.e. one server acting as an edge server and one as an email?
Answer: You don't "Have" to have the Edge server role, but I would recommend it.You can…..

Question: If I have a webcast like this in my schedule can I give it a lower priority so the automatic scheduling of a meeting will not be blocked from adding me to a meeting during the webcast since I can easily skip the webcast and watch the recording?
Answer: You can categorize it, as well as set the importance level, for automatic scheduling I do not know of a way to change that

Question: Is there built in server level archiving structure in this version?
Answer: You can do levels of archiving with the Transport rules as well as Managed Folders - Also there is the Exchange Hosted Services that offers Archiving solutions as well.

Question: Can I install Exchange 2007 server on Small Business Server 2003 R2?
Answer: No. We will not support Exchange 2007 until the next full release of the SBS Product. The next full release of SBS will be 64 bit only. See the following -- (Question #9 in the list) --

Question: What does the hub transport do again?
Answer: Hub transport role is the internal routing role, Oraganizational Rules, Routing Rules, ethical firewall will happen at this role. You need 1 hub transport role for each AD Site

Question: Can the Exchange Edge transport be installed inside the firewall?
Answer: Yes. You can place the Edge role behind a firewall.

Question: Can the Edge Server be install on the Same Hardware in a Virtual Server?
Answer: You could do that, but I probably wouldn't as it defeats the security purpose of separation, you do not HAVE to have a edge, but I would recommend it.

Question: Are CALs required for mailboxes used to aggregate functional information like,,, and accounts and mailboxes created when some Microsoft applications are installed or are CALs generally only required for people?
Answer: You are required to have a CAL for ANY authenticated connection to Exchange. You can license by device or by user. See the licensing FAQ here --

Question: Is ADAM a requirement to install Edge?
Answer: Yes. When you install the Edge Role, Exchange will look for an instance of ADAM. If it does not exist, it will prompt to install.

Question: Can mailbox moves be queued and automatically executed when user logs off?
Answer Privately: You can queue it, I don't think you can attach it to run when they logoff

Question: What is the size for the Exchange Database now in Exchange 2007?
Exchange 2007 Standard: 5 Databases - 5 Storage Groups Unlimited in size
Exchange 2007 Enterprise: 50 DB and 50 SG 5DB/SG Unlimited in size

Question: Can you automate the database defrag with the scripting tool?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can the exchange command shell determine if the user is logged in th their mailbox?
Answer: Axel - I did some searching and could not find a script sample. I am hesitant to say "NO" because there are so many commands available and I have not played with all of them. I know the GUI does not have this functionality. The GUI only shows last logged on date/time. But the shell is very powerfull and I imagine some sort of script could be written to test to see if a user is actively logged on. I just don't have a sample for you. email me at --- -- and I will research this.

Question: Do I have to pay a license if I install just the Client Access as a Front End Server?
Answer: Client Access now lives inside, you will need a license for the clients that connect - Roles have changed Front-end / Back-end have been changed

Question: Are Anti-spam & AV features built into Exchange 2007? or do we need to subscribe to MS ForeFront and/or Hosted services for updated engines/sigs?
Answer: Enterprise will have "Out of the Box" functionality with Forefront - You can purchase more engines from MS / or we have the 3rd party API's

Question: Exchange Hosted Services – Overview

Question: What are the limitations of OWA in FireFox?
Answer: There are some subtle differences using FireFox. The lay out will look slightly different. I do not have a preview pane for my InBox. It appears the FireFox browser gets the "OWA Light" experience as opposed to the full OWA interface.

Question: Where can I download a trial version of Exchange?
Answer: You can download the trial versions here: