Good afternoon all my Business Data Catalog enthusiasts!

Thank you for attending my webcast on talking about this fantastic feature. The catalog is an amazing feature that enables some many scenarios inside your organization. Even Tom Rizzo talked about how cool this is:

To watch a replay click here:
Integrating the Business Data Catalog and Business Applications Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

I also did another web cast on the BDC and there are more questions and answers here: Integrating the Business Data Catalog and Business Applications Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Webcast (10-20-2006)

Please comment if you any additional questions or need more information.

Question: How is security handled on the back end data store that allows MOSS to access the data?
Answer: Depends on if you choose the mid-tier or back -end authorization model. This allows you to choose how MOSS and the BDC will authenticate you. There is some great information here on the security model:

Question: Is Business Data Catalog (BDC) part of the standard MOSS 2007?
Answer: Unfortunately no, the BDC is only available in the Enterprise of MOSS 2007.

Question: To search the data in a business application, does SharePoint need to Crawl the source business application and store the index locally.
Answer: Yes, this is true for all the content sources, they are stored locally in the indexing databases.

Question: What editions does it come in two editions only, standard and enterprise?
Answer: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 comes in two versions standard and enterprise. There are also two dedicated versions for search, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server for Search; these also come in a standard and enterprise version.

Question: Does BDC interface with WSS 3.0?
Answer: Yes, the BDC is a shared service. There is a great architecture document here:

Question: Does MOSS and WSS3.0 still use two different search engines?
Answer: No, the engine is actually a shared service now.

Question: What database engine is needed for the backend database SQL 2005 or SQL 2000?
Answer: The computer that hosts the database server role must have SQL Server 2000 with SP3a or later or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP1 or later. There are some reporting features that require SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services SP1 or later. On another note: When you perform a Basic installation, SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is automatically installed.
For more information on deployment of MOSS take a look here: