Guess what!   It’s official!  I am now a published author!!     <Hold for applause>


If you picked up the latest issue of TechNet Magazine, you undoubtedly flipped immediately to page 54, where you found my article on Windows Desktop Search article, titled: Find Anything with Windows Desktop Search.  Now do not be scared by my teammate Michael Murphy, he was super supportive and allowed me to use is divine images.  (The story behind the pictures is for another day)  If you do not get the TechNet magazine you can view the online article here:


With being published, come untold fortunes, fame and interviews with Regis and Kelley, or at least so I am told. 

One of the fantastic things I did get to do is a pod cast interview with Dan Hanson - the Great Lakes Geek.  If you have not checked out the site click here:  it is a cool site and you should check it out.  In the interview we discussed my team, the article as well as my favorite movie. 


To listen to the interview visit: or Click Here to Listen to the Interview


I will be doing some more work with Enterprise Search and Windows Desktop Search very soon.  Here is some of the work that I have already done regarding search:


So go out and check out the article and interview!  I look forward to hearing your feedback on the article, so please comment!


Happy Searching!