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December, 2007

  • A change of blog!

    I've been on Technet for quite a while now so thought it worth trying somewhere new:)! However, I've not gone far ... just across to . See you over there if you'd like to stay in touch!
  • Windows Server Architect Forum slide decks

    The slide decks used at the last architect forum can now be found at the new location: Hopefully this will be the location for all future events!
  • .NET: Client, Server, Cloud @ Qcon

    Been a bit of fun but I've finally submitted the .NET track agenda for QCon (well it's 90% complete)! The line up I've organised from my colleagues at Ms UK is the best I've seen for a while!
  • Microsoft Strategic Architect Forum Session Material available

    Never heard of SAF? You're an important Microsoft Customer and you've been invited before? Well you need to sort that out! It's about the best thing we do when talking about architecture in my opinion (besides Architect Insight of course!). Well either...
  • PDC 2008 - Save the Date!

    OK - probably old news - in which case so why didn't anyone tell me? So if you've got as many mates as I seem to have then book mark October 27 – 30, 2008 in Los Angeles and keep an eye on !
  • Beta 3 of the ADO.NET Entity Framework

    The Entity Framework Beta 3 runtime and the Entity Framework Tools CTP 2 that work with the RTM releases of Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 have just been released with a pile of new features this is definitely worth a detailed look and...
  • Running the .NET track at QCon

    I've just been invited to run the .NET track at QCon next year (10-14 March 2008) which is a great honour and responsibility I guess! I was invited to attend as an IASA sponsor last year and was amazed at the quality of the speakers and people who were...
  • Architect Insight Conference: Save the date!

    Insight the two day Microsoft Conference dedicated to architecture that I've run for the past two years will take place again next year on the 28-29 April so save the date! The theme this year is " The Future of IT " where we're looking out at next...
  • Implications for the Future of IT

    I went over to Essex University the other week to give the 1 st year and post-grad computer science students a lecture that focused on something I called “IT Mega-trends” in the afternoon I held a workshop to discuss what implications these trends might...