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May, 2006

  • Contact your MP!

    Great link that was given to me while at WAX that allows you to check out when ever your MP says anything: - you can set up an RSS feed to notify you of any appearances they make!
  • WAX pictures

    The first set of pictures from wax can be found here !
  • WAX Drivers

    The following table shows the detailed drivers output from the group I was a member of, thanks in particular to the ideas of Tom Steinberg from MySociety . Original picture can be found here . t of changes do we need to make in order to respond to...
  • Welcome to the World of ME!

    The following diagram provides a view of the user significant business drivers that were identified during WAX . The power of 'ME' when measured in millions is an extremely significant force .... welcome to the "World of Me"!
  • WAX Workshop

    On Tuesday I ran WAX ; a Workshop to discuss the intersection of existing and emerging architectures including SOA, Web 2.0, SaaS etc. with 24 guys from a diverse set of backgrounds including Analysts, Vendors, Enterprises and Web 2.0 companies (see the...