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  • Blog Post: Upgrading a SQL Replication Topology

    Jonathan Allen wrote to me asking what order one should upgrade servers in a replication topology - pointing out that this doesn't seem obviouis from Books On Line, which I agree. The answer is essentially the same as for any previous upgrade: Distributor first (as it has to handle new and old log...
  • Blog Post: Follow up on Replication Columns question in my TechNet SQL 2005 presentation (14/6/05)

    Question: How many columns does SQL Server 2005 allow in a published article (SQL Server 2000 was linited to 254)? Answer: The column limit for transactional replication, I'm informed, is now in excess of 1000.
  • Blog Post: New SQL 2005 code samples available

    I guess now the pressure is off to release the product we'll see more useful samples comming out of corp; here's a link to the latest December update: