New SQL Server 2005 Technical Overview blogcasts from the States
 Demo 1-1 Using Object Explorer
 Demo 2-1 Using Queries and Scripts
 Demo 2-2 Using Solution Explorer

 Demo 3-1 Securing SQL Server with the Surface Area Configuration tool
 Demo 3-2 Using SAC.EXE to Export and Import Surface Area Configurations

 Demo 4-1 Understanding User-Schema Separation

 Demo 5-1 Using SQL Agent Proxies

 Demo 6-1 Configuring Database Mail
 Demo 6-2 Sending and Checking E-mail

 Demo 7-1 Using Mirrored Backups

 Demo 8-1 Using SQL Profiler
 Demo 8-2 Generating a deadlock
 Demo 8-3 Analyzing deadlock using SQL Profiler