Tony Rogerson of the UK SQL User group has asked me to publicise the following User Group meeting

12TH July :: SQL Server 2005 The Home Stretch Euan Garden, Group Program
Manager, Microsoft, Redmond.

Session 1 (6.15pm - 7.30pm)
Come and see/learn about the final changes going into SQL Server 2005,
including the new upgrade support and tools, enhancements to reporting
and the management tools. The session will include a large amount of
time for SQL Server 2005 open discussion driven by the audience topics.

Session 2 (7.45pm - 8.45pm)
SQL Server 2005 is such a great product that Microsoft is making it as
easy as possible for you to migrate existing apps. This session covers
the new upgrade advisor tool that can be run in advance of a migration
to identify key issues that impact the process and also the SQL Server
Migration Assistant for Oracle.

Registration will commence at 17.45.

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