Because it often pains me to find so many of our (SQL Server) customers aren’t aware of the freebies available to them, I will be posting ‘adverts’ for these freebies from time to time.  This is one such tool and this is the advertising pitch:

The SQL Server Web Data Administrator enables you to easily manage your SQL Server data, wherever you are. Using its built-in features, you can do the following from Microsoft Internet Explorer or your favourite Web browser:

  • Create and edit databases in SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000)
  • Perform ad-hoc queries against databases and save them to your file system
  • Export and import database schema and data
  • Manage users and roles
  • View, create and edit stored procedures

Whether you are doing Microsoft Windows or Web development, or just need remote access to data for yourself or your clients, the Web Data Administrator is the perfect complement to your toolbox.


Go find it here:

and enjoy.