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  • Blog Post: Slow Windows 7 Boot? One ReadyBoot Fix (that you'll want to apply probably anyways)

    In my last post I described a little bit about ReadyBoot and when looking at a xbootmgr trace what to look for when viewing the ReadyBoot data. I also described one method on how to fix it if there are no cache hits. So great, you fixed the one machine you looked at when following along in the blog but...
  • Blog Post: Xbootmgr Part 2: ReadyBoot Basics

    The more I work with the xperf/xbootmgr the better I get with it. I still feel like I have a lot to learn though. I wrote a previous post, http://blogs.technet.com/b/markmoro/archive/2011/08/20/dipping-my-toe-into-the-xbootmgr-water.aspx , about troubleshooting my own machine with slow boot. Lately I...
  • Blog Post: Dipping My Toe Into The Xbootmgr Water

    Greetings from the mothership aka rainy Seattle, I spent this past week in Windows Desktop Risk Assesment Program (WDRAP) training which was actually pretty fantastic. If you are a Premier customer talk to your TAM about getting one scheduled. A large portion of ours was taught by a Senior PFE...