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    Hey Everyone, I figured it's probably a pretty good idea to be able to boot into a few test VMs off my laptop if I was to ever get stuck at an airport for a long period of time without a good Internet connection (4 Hrs layover in SFO Feb 2011, it will be faaaaaaanatstic). I was in the process of...
  • Blog Post: I Liked The Old OS Better This Is Too Many Clicks

    Hey Everyone, Has anyone worked with anyone that always liked the last version of whatever product better? A good friend and former colleague of mine sometimes fell into that category. And by sometimes I mean all the time. One of his complaints was the Network and Sharing Center in 2008/2008 R2...
  • Blog Post: RSS Feed Product Index

    Hello from Austin/Dillion! Here is a quick post. A question I get semi frequently is "how do I stay up to date on the latest hotfixes for 'insert product name' ?" Great question. The best way I can think to do it is through RSS. Here is a listing of a ridiculous amount of Microsoft products and...