I wanted to bring to your attention a new Unified Communications site designed especially for partners.  It can be found at http://partner.microsoft.com/uc !

Almost every time I talk to a partner about our Unified Communications platform,  they normally ask me where they should go to learn more and I always recommend they take a look at www.microsoft.com/livecomm and www.microsoft.com/exchange and now www.microsoft.com/uc.  Although these sites are great for knowing what the technologies is and what is can do for the customer,  they don’t really provide any next steps or tools for a partner that would like to add this to their portfolio.  Its therefore great to see that we now have a partner specific UC site which includes

  • Links to ROI Calculator
  • Links to the new LCS Exam
  • Webcasts
  • Presentations

So,  no matter whether you are an existing UC partner or if its something that you would like to get into in the future,  pop along to http://partner.microsoft.com/uc and bookmark it !