At the minute there is a lot of news about the 'internet of things' from Nest to Google Glass to the recently announced Android Wear.  The 'internet of things' in the next big thing without at doubt,  so much so that if I understand correctly we have renamed the Windows Embedded team to 'Internet of Things' team.

Today I bumped into someone in the Windows Embedded team and one of the things I said to them is that it's a real shame we don't have a video that shows people their daily interactions with Windows Embedded,  turns out we do. Although this video is set in USA,  a number of the systems are also available in the UK and they shared some very local examples of where Windows Embedded is being used in Reading that I didn't realise before.

Spend a few minute taking a look at the video on and see if you can spot something you may have used in the past or even today!