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  • Blog Post: The IT Energy Efficiency Imperative

    Once again, I've had a long hiatus from blogging. But I've got an excuse (this time!). I've been heads down on finalizing a new white paper on IT energy efficiency. I also just returned from Corporate EcoForum's annual meeting where a number of the attendees confirmed the key assertion in the paper ...
  • Blog Post: Study: New ENERGY STAR rated server consumes 54% less energy than older server

    Microsoft has been working with the  US EPA and HP for the last 6 months or so on a study to compare a new ENERGY STAR-qualified server (2009 model) with a similar, older non-energy star rated servers (2006 model)  The results show quite convincingly that replacing an older server with a new...
  • Blog Post: Better Power Management in the Enterprise

    The System Center team asked me to come and chat about Power Management and what we’re doing in Windows and across Microsoft to make it better. If you can ignore the bad hair day I was having, then it makes for an interesting discussion. You can find Part 2 of the discussion here .
  • Blog Post: Server Efficiency Pot o' Gold

    My colleague Matt Robben from the Windows Server performance team has produced a very comprehensive white paper and accompanying blog post which goes into great detail about how you can save energy with Windows Server 2008 power management, including new options for increasing savings even further (up...