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  • Blog Post: Tales of PC Insomnia, Part 2

    In my last post on this topic, I described a couple of scenarios in which your PC would not automatically sleep. I’ve got good news to report on both. Streaming Web Video The first is our old friend Adobe Flash. I’ve been working with the Adobe on this issue for some time now, and with some help...
  • Blog Post: Found: Secret Internet Explorer Insomnia feature!

    In the category of “this problem has been around for years but no-one has noticed it”, I discovered very recently that IE raises an availability request when it downloads a file. This is the desired behavior – you don’t want the PC to automatically sleep during the middle of a...
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 Power Use Study

    In the category of “I wrote this a long time ago but forgot to post it”, Mindteck updated their 2009 white paper which explores power use of various PC platforms using Windows 7. In the new paper, they tested both sleep, idle, low use and high use scenarios and built a model to estimate cost savings...
  • Blog Post: Better Power Management in the Enterprise

    The System Center team asked me to come and chat about Power Management and what we’re doing in Windows and across Microsoft to make it better. If you can ignore the bad hair day I was having, then it makes for an interesting discussion. You can find Part 2 of the discussion here .
  • Blog Post: The Efficiency Imperative

    On Monday, I was proud to speak on behalf of Microsoft at Intel Developer Forum 2010 on the critical need for developers to do their part to help improve IT efficiency. IT efficiency is a component of Greener IT, which is the term Microsoft is using for recognizing that Green IT is a journey rather than...
  • Blog Post: Server Efficiency Pot o' Gold

    My colleague Matt Robben from the Windows Server performance team has produced a very comprehensive white paper and accompanying blog post which goes into great detail about how you can save energy with Windows Server 2008 power management, including new options for increasing savings even further (up...
  • Blog Post: IE9 Energy efficiency

    The IE team recently published the results from a set of tests comparing the energy efficiency of the latest competing browsers. Spoiler-alert - IE9 was the most efficient. :-)