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Windows Phone Sync Error 80070057

Windows Phone Sync Error 80070057

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All of a sudden my Microsoft account (aka would not sync on my Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8. I tried re-entering the password, creating an app password on, but no luck. I of course couldn’t delete it and re-add since it’s the main account on my phone.

Searching the web for the error yielded nothing useful, though I tried several suggestions like making the password shorter, etc. Finally the problem was resolved by this article which referenced a different error code. The suggestion that worked for me was to “Reset Email Sync”, which involves unselecting the “Email” option in the Microsoft account sync settings on the phone, syncing, then going back in and re-selecting “Email” in the sync options. I actually had to do this a couple of times for the fix to work.

  • I am having the same issue on the same Nokia device. I'm finding a lot of solutions pertaining to Office 365 accounts and Windows Phone 8 but none pertaining to Hopefully somebody can shed some light on this.

  • Same issue. What's the deal Microsoft? So far, not a good experience with my first Windows phone. Not nearly as simple and easy to use as my iPhone. Glad the Windows phone is for work and not my personal phone.

  • Same issue,it doesn't wanna download anything including whatsapp so I don't know what to do pls assist me with this problem

  • hey even i was having the problem in my lumia. this is because of slow net. try this on wi fi to solve this problem. or a high speed internet!!

  • I agree - the phone is a disaster. I cant pick up wifi on it, and it it won´t sync emails. I continually says that the phone isnt connected to the internet. I get this message Error 80070057 but no forums seem to have answers - just questions! I actually believe that phone technology and the number of people trying to acccess the web is WAY ABOVE the internet IP´s hardware capacity to cope with the massive demand. Until more money and equipment is added on the supply side, we users will continue to be frustrated with the P.poor performance from these phones and pads that we naively pay so much money for.

  • I am also facing this problem.. my all apps are updating except Candy crush.. i tried to update manually also.. still facing same issue.. tried to sync everything but nothing is helping

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