image While on the topic of Exchange Server 2010 in my previous post, I came across a case study from Malaysia that I recommend you to have a look at. The Plastic Centre Group provides packaging solutions for everything from soap and personal care, to cooking oil, household, agriculture and lubricants.

They have around 90 people working in the sales office and they were previously using an open source application on Linux Server for their email solution. They experienced issues around storage and the lack of spam filter resulted in each person spending on average 30 minutes (!!!) per day cleaning their inboxes from spam.

The solution was to move to Exchange Server 2010 and Outlook 2007 and from start to finish the implementation took 60 days, that includes both software and hardware changes.

“Two of the main reasons we are switching to Microsoft are the huge support structure that a company like Microsoft can offer, and the ease of use of its solutions” comments Sng, adding that he had spent more than a year learning the Linux system when he first joined the Plastic Centre Group.

Read the full case study here to understand their cost savings and increase in both productivity and mobility.