After my post about IE8 last week I got an email from someone asking me to explain more about other security features and also the Compatibility View that you can use. As always with a new broimagewser, there might be web sites that are not displayed correctly. With compatibility view you can still see web sites designed for older browsers as they should be. You find the Compatibility View button just right to the address bar. When you install IE8 you get the choice to opt-in to a list of sites that will automatically be displayed in Compatibility View. The sites of the list are added there based on customer feedback and usage. You can also have your own list of sites that will always be opened in Compatibility View. From the Command Bar, select Tools, and then select Compatibility View Settings to add and remove sites from this list.

Around security I wanted to mention something about Malware and Phishing and what we do to protect you against that. In IE7 we introduced the Phishing Filter to help you avoid these type of attacks. In IE8 we build upon that and add anti-malware support, better performance etc. The result is the Smart Screen Filter. You will get warned when you access a site that is known for distributing malware. If you try to download something from that site you will also receive a warning. The Smart Screen Filter is of course optional and you can turn it on and off as you go but we highly recommend you to have it on as default. Read more about this here

If you are interested in learning more about all the security features of IE8, I recommend you to check the Security tag of the IE8 Blog