image I just came across a really good site that we have built to try to help out in today’s tough economic environment. It’s called Thrive you find useful links, videos and other material. It starts with a welcome message from Tony Scott, CIO at Microsoft, and then focuses on 3 things:

  • Advance Your Career: You find recommendations on how to write a resume, how and why to get certified, free online trainings available, how to use body language during an interview etc.
  • Enhance Your Technical Skills: You find interviews, web casts, radio shows etc focusing on Virtualization and Desktop Optimization
  • Align IT with Business: You find web casts, white papers, analytics reports around how to save cost, how to calculate Return On Investment (ROI), case studies etc.

I really think you should take a look at this. Especially the career and alignment parts is something we so often forget about. Even if you’re an expert in your job with a competence that is needed in your company we all need to understand how we can show that technology helps the business against competitors and that you are betting on the right thing!