Since it's a new year, everyone is speculating about what 2009 will be all about. In the challenging times we're now facing a certification could be a good way for you to distinguish yourself. TechRepublic just published a list "10 reasons IT certification will be important in 2009" together with the list "The industry's 10 best IT certifications".

On Microsoft Learning you can find out more about what learning and certification programs we're offering and you also find case studies from companies that has realised the value of certification. ISA Technologies is Singapore is one of them. Their Chief Technology Officer, Lim Fun Jin, says:

I strongly believe that Microsoft Certified Professionals contribute significantly to overall team performance. We have observed that employees with certification generally have stronger foundations and good technical substance. This is valuable to the work we do. We reward and reflect the added contribution with better and higher salaries. 

Find the full Case Study here