A guy in the Philippines, let's call him Tim, that is really active in the community has also joined the IT Pro Momentum program to be able to try out Windows Server 2008 and how he and his company can benefit from using it.


The company is one of the largest call centers in the Philippines and Tim is working as and IT administrator, responsible for creating, maintaining and deploying their desktop images. They have more than 2000 clients and today they are using WinPE to run GHOST for their deployment. Tim wanted to try out WDS in Windows Server 2008 because he was curious about what it could do and he wanted to be the first one to know about it to enhance his knowledge and skills. He did a pilot project in his test environment and was really pleased by what he saw. In his own words:


WinPE is much faster since it is a 32-bit technology and since it’s fast companies can rip out the benefits on lesser time consumed in this tasks meaning their IT personnel can attend to other concerns. Also you can deploy it using PXE and need not to worry about bootable media’s. Companies can also replace third part imaging software and save them cost in the licenses since ImageX is now available.


He would recommend other IT pros to try this out since it’s free, and the technology can really handle mass deployment that would save time and result in less maintenance. He also recommends you to check out the other deployment technologies from Microsoft to see which one is suitable for your company.


My last question to Tim was of course: What will happen now, after the pilot project?

There is some news that we eventually are moving to this technology soon, if that’s the case I’m already equipped with knowledge. But at the moment I am sharing all things that I’ve learned in the online community through my blogs so that fellow IT Pros would be aware or be encouraged to try this technology out.


If you are interested in doing a pilot project around Windows Server 2008, the IT Pro Momentum program can give you valuable information, content and support. Just send me an email if you are interested.


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