The Singapore Windows User Group will have their next meeting on Tuesday, March 20th. The topic for the meeting is Distributed File System (DFS) and the speaker is John Phillips from Microsoft. The last meeting also had DFS on the agenda so this will be more of a deep dive. John will present on the Distributed File System (DFS) as part of the Windows Server 2003 R2 release. This will include some of the design and deployment concepts along with practical considerations for customer environments. After that Dennis Chung, the leader of the group and a Microsoft MVP, will do a session about Windows Home Server. The meeting will be held in the Microsoft Office, NTUC center at 7-9 PM.

I really encourage you to join the group if you haven’t already. They have regular meetings and you get the chance to meet other with the same interest in IT as you, learn new things and share best practices.

If you want to come at the meeting or just sign up for upcoming meetings, go to their web site: http://sgwindowsgroup.org. Once you signed in you get more information about the meeting.

I will be there, so maybe see you on Tuesday!