Yesterday was the first stop on our Security Roadshow! The event was held in Manila and the day was packed with content around Forefront, ISA Server, System Center, Branch Office Protection, Incident handling etc. I just want to say thank you to everyone who showed up for the event and to the Microsoft people in the Philippines who organized it.

In the evening I and Steve Riley met with one of the local User Groups: PHIWUG. There was about 40 people gathering in the Microsoft office and during the one hour session Steve talked about password protection, his opinion on firewalls, why it’s important to encrypt your laptops and how you can make senior management more aware of security issues and how to get them say “Yes” to your ideas J

I thought it was a great session and what I’ve heard from the members they liked it to.

Tomorrow we will be in Bangkok and Tuesday next week in Kuala Lumpur. In KL we will also do a user group meeting with ELITE.

See you!