I’m using Messenger every day to chat with my friends, family and colleagues and if you do the same now it’s time for us to make a difference within the “I’m Initiative”. This means that every time you use messenger to chat with someone a part of the advertising revenue is donated to a cause that you choose. The symbol stands for "I'm making a difference"


To participate you need to run Messenger 8.1 and the add one of the following codes to your display name:

American Red Cross = *red+u

Boys & Girls Clubs of = *bgca

National AIDS Fund  = *naf

National MS Society = *mssoc

ninemillion.org = *9mil

Sierra Club = *sierra

StopGlobalWarming.org = *help

Susan G. Komen for the Cure  = *komen

UNICEF  = *unicef

Have a great weekend and start make a difference now!