I have blogged about our upcoming Forefront product line for protection of your organizations clients and servers. But this area is of course important for home users as well so this week Microsoft launched OneCare, a new service for your home computers. This is a part of the services availible through live.com and with OneCare you get antivirus, anti-phishing, antispyware, firewalling and backup capabilities. The service will not be launched worldwide from the start, in Asia Pacific region the first countries are Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. But if you are interested in trying this, my tip is to choose e.g. Singapore as your market and then you pay with your credit card in Singapore dollars. Right now there are a lot of promotions where you can get OneCare at a special price but standard retail price in Singapore is S$79.95 for a one year subscription for up to three computers. You can read more about the product, download a trial version and sign up for the service on these pages:



New Zealand

I haven’t tried it myself since I haven’t bought a home computer in Singapore yet, so if you try it I would be happy to get your feedback!