I guess you by now may have heard of Windows Powershell. This is a new command-line shell and scripting language that allows IT Pros to more easily manage and automate the Windows platform. This is a part of the Longhorn Server wave but we can already now download and use it for managing WindowsXP and Windows Server 2003. You can also download RC2 of Powershell for Windows Vista. You can find more information and download Powershell here.

I’ve only used Powershell to manage Exchange Server 2007 so far but I will download it for Vista now as well. Everything you can do in the Management Console in Exchange is just a short command in Power Shell and it’s really easy to learn the syntax and create your own scripts for moving mailboxes, change quotas etc.  In Exchange 2007 you actually can’t achieve all tasks in the graphical interface so you HAVE to learn it J

Two weeks ago the scripting guys at Microsoft did a web cast series to introduce Powershell. You can find the recordings here.