Vista and Office on TechNet downloads

Vista and Office on TechNet downloads

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If you have a TechNet Plus Subscription you can now download Office 2007 to test on your systems. If you also want to try Vista on your machines you’ll have to wait until Friday, the 17th. Both Office 2007 and Windows Vista will also be included in the January shipment of DVD’s. You can find more information on TechNet Subscription here

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  • Office 2007 is now available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads and on TechNet, after a weekend of updates on the sites. Vista is not yet ready for download, but Maria Johansson says it will be available ...

  • First of all, I would like to thank Maria for giving both the informative speech yesterday during the "Sneak Preview" and the Elite Seminar.... They were both the fantastic and unforgettable one...


    After the "Top Ten Reasons", the introduction and went through about Windows Vista and MS Office 2007...

    I would said that Microsoft had finally done something very great and putting itself on a very superb place on my mind....

    Taking my first glance at both the master piece, "These two are very nice looking "Diamond Liked" glass works", pretty at the out-look but yet to prove themselves worthy and useful. Looking at those sidebar, 3D's desktop, grouped tools, quick search, some famous tools or functions alike which I can find in Linux and Mac, familiar controls and those pretty icon on the desktop, I found it nothing too special to note-of.

    Well, later then, not more than hours, Vista had proved itself worth the price which users are going to pay for it, including all the recommended hardware upgrade it takes.

    Astonishing, not by the look, but to all the mechanism and technologies it carried with it.

    Modular based OS, multi-lingual snap-in, BitLocker, back-ward compatibility, utilization of wide screen, new hardware/software policies management, more secure registries control, file architecture, administrative tasks delegation, shadow copies of files(though not fully customizable), and etc...

    People may question, if Vista is so powerful and have carried such great features with it, then it must be eating up processors' power and times to run every single bit of data.

    I shall put a NO here, as Vista can still run smoothly on the current mid-range hardware we have. Sacrificing a little bit of time with greater working experience and higher quality of works at the moment, I would said that there is still worthiness. And as new hardwares keep-on coming out nowadays, for example, the new Intel processor with SSE4 command sets, AMD Multi-cored Fusion's processor and Direct Connects Technology, every single piece of them will soon unleash Vista's capabilities and power, turning it into a fine furnished diamond.

    All of these together, will once again making Microsoft the leader in the computing industries, setting new standards, bringing impacts not only in the software and hardware, but the future direction of research and system implementations for at least another 10~15 years, just as when Microsoft had first released its Windows 3.1.

    As an IT Pro., I would strongly recommend the industries and businesses users to get the upgrades done soon as and when they can, don't ever wait till the release of Microsoft's next generation server OS. You will always find it worthy to upgrade.

    Sorry, if anyone out there who would blame me on my low recognition towards Microsoft products at the beginning of my post. Being a technology Enthusiasm, I do always take a big step or two further than what we have had today, demanding and at the same time contributing to the industries to turn my dreams and visions into real.

    No doubt, Microsoft have done a lot of great jobs in the past, they're doing it right now and everyone out there could've foreseen that Microsoft is going to do more and more in the future...

    Microsoft had not only brought great changes in our live, but also do brought shining colors into the portrait of our lives.

    But as one who look far and seek deep into the unknown future,  I do always waiting for Microsoft to turn our "2D's lives" into "3D", just as what they've brought us in the computer.

    And of-course for last to greet Microsoft...

    Keep-up the good works...

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