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  • Blog Post: Perfmon's counters output format (tip)

    The System Monitor (Perfmon.exe) reports the data gathered through some of its objects and counters with no formatting and depending on what kind of counters are you looking at, or how tired you are, sometimes this can be confusing and even cause misinterpretation problems. As an example, take the...
  • Blog Post: A Virus Infection: Contolling the Outbreak (tip)

    This weekend I had the opportunity to work along our security specialists (from PSSSec group) in what we can call the hottest situation involving hundreds of production servers either stopped or severely impacted by a new variation of a worm. As a new variation, the AV signature file wasn't updated with...
  • Blog Post: Tip: Kernel Debugging a VPC Server

    Here is little tip for you that want to practice kernel mode debugging but either don’t have 2 machine machines to play the TARGET and HOST roles or simply don’t want to play with (for any reason) with the old null modem serial cable used to connect the HOST to the TARGET: It’s possible to use a Virtual...