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  • Blog Post: Real Case: Random apps running 100% CPU (advanced)

    This is another 100% CPU issue. This time I’m not working on any customer case as the issue is happening on my own Windows XP SP2 machine. So I resolved trying to troubleshoot that just for fun J . First, let me explain the scenario: Random interactive applications, like Outlook, Word, Excel, Explorer...
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting IIS 100% CPU issues - Step by Step (intermediary)

    Processes consuming 100% of a system's CPU time is such a situation everybody has faced at least once (likely much more than once :)), and normally as solution we just "kill the murderer" by stopping the culprit process. But what was really causing that process to behave like that? If you can't properly...
  • Blog Post: Lab: Win32 Application causing 100% CPU condition (Advanced)

    This is lab for simulating a real 100% CPU condition being caused by a generic Win32 application when there are no symbols available for such application. Let’s start supposing the situation is currently occurring. So, the first step is to confirm the symptoms, which we can easily do by using,...