The Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) team has released a new guide: Windows User State Virtualization (USV). 

The Infrastructure Planning and Design guide for Windows User State Virtualization (USV) helps IT get started with planning a Windows USV solution. It can be difficult for IT to find the right balance between centralized management of business-critical data and a rich user desktop experience. Follow the stepwise approach in this IPD guide to gather relevant user and IT requirements. Then compare and contrast the various Windows USV technologies (Folder Redirection, Offline Files, and Roaming User Profiles) in light of scenarios that are relevant to your business. Also, leverage the real-world guidance based on subjective analysis of Windows USV deployments in mid to large organizations, and interviews with subject matter experts.

Reduce time and planning costs by following the processes in this IPD guide to design a successful Windows USV strategy.

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