For those of you who are fans of the MAP Toolkit, you ought to consider this hidden gem from Microsoft Solution Accelerators team. 

If you are interested in deployment cost-saving technologies for your desktop infrastructure, read on...

Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios (WODS) Solution Accelerator 1.1 is a new tool that relates the IT and user business requirements for a flexible, efficient, and managed desktop environment to sets of complementary Microsoft technologies. It accomplishes this by defining and using five standard user scenarios that map business requirements to technology solutions. These core scenarios cover most desktop user situations including: Office Worker, Mobile Worker, Task Worker, Contract Worker, and workers who need to Access from Home.

The WODS solution accelerators has 2 parts - an assessment tool and a planning guide.  Use both to expedite your user requirements gathering and start simplifying your desktop project planning projects.


Many of the WODS users told us that this accelerator saves them time and help them select the RIGHT desktop technology, whether it is Windows 7, App-V, MED-V, VDI, RDS (TS) or others.

Why wait?  Download the Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios Solution Accelerator for free now.  Or, visit the Optimized Desktop Team Blog for more details.

Baldwin Ng (Sr. Product Manager, Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios Solution Accelerator)