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  • Blog Post: Software Deployment to Barely Connected Users

    In a world where high-speed Internet connections are ubiquitous, even laptop computers can be expected to have some form of regular connection to the Internet or corporate network. However in the past few months the same scenario has cropped up in conversations with customers: How to include computers...
  • Blog Post: Disabling User Program Notification for Virtual Applications

    I’ve been sitting on this for a little while, partly due to getting confirmation I wasn’t doing anything unsupported, partly because I haven’t had time and partly a couple of other reasons I won’t go in to! The good news is I have finally found the time to write it up and...
  • Blog Post: Enumerate Open Ports Script for DCM

    This comes up quite often, so I thought I share a method I came up with to enumerate open ports in VBScript using netstat. Basically the script, which is available here on TechNet Script Center , runs “netstat –a –n” and parses the output into the following format: TCPv4...