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  • Blog Post: PKI – Let’s make it Secure

    Post three of what currently stands at a 4 part introduction to Public Key Infrastructure from my colleague Jason Wallace. Jason is laying the foundations to cover some ConfigMgr related certificatary (I know that's not really a word, but it's the end of a very long hot day and I need to amuse myself...
  • Blog Post: PKI - Let's Keep it Secret

    Over here in Thames Valley Park, myself and a few colleagues attended a brilliant session on Intel vPRO, in particular, playing about with AMT (Active Management Technology) which integrates with Configuration Manager under the Out Of Band Management banner. One of the upshots of this session was...
  • Blog Post: PKI – It’s a trust Thing!

    Part 4 of what currently still stands at a four part series. But I have high hopes for further posts. I was going to start off the intro to this blog by congratulating Jason on avoiding falling into the cliché trap of using Bob & Alice and all their cryptographic friends but you will quickly...