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  • Blog Post: Disabling User Program Notification for Virtual Applications

    I’ve been sitting on this for a little while, partly due to getting confirmation I wasn’t doing anything unsupported, partly because I haven’t had time and partly a couple of other reasons I won’t go in to! The good news is I have finally found the time to write it up and...
  • Blog Post: Useful ConfigMgr Resources (Updated)

    A while back (2 years to be precise) Saud posted a list of resources to do with ConfigMgr. Below is a well overdue update to that list: ConfigMgr Resources/Information: Learning : TechCenter on TechNet: Features (Technical Content...
  • Blog Post: Using SCCM Local Policy to Selectively Restrict App-V Integration

    I am sure my customer are not alone in their desire to control the way in which Configuration Manager takes ownership of Virtual Application delivery to clients on a network. I hope this entry is able to help a few more of you: Because the change to enable virtual application delivery in ConfigMgr...