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  • Are My Backups Really Taking Place?

    Something which I have seen as a recurring theme a few times with customers is with backups failing and them not realising. While, of course we would always recommend that you have a test environment with some Hyper-V images where you can always test...
  • Improving ConfigMgr Console Performance - Disable TechCenter Homepage

    In Configuration Manager 2007 does it take a while for the console to start? If so, then this little tip will help. The Console home page attempts to connect to Microsoft whenever you open up the console.
  • Fully Automating P2V Migration for Software Assurance in ConfigMgr

    I ’ve had this topic on my to-do list for a few months now. I presented on P2V Migration at a customer day we hosted at Thames Valley Park in February. My hesitation came from not really knowing how much to cover in terms of the blog. I’m...
  • PKI – It’s a trust Thing!

    Part 4 of what currently still stands at a four part series. But I have high hopes for further posts. I was going to start off the intro to this blog by congratulating Jason on avoiding falling into the cliché trap of using Bob & Alice and...