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December, 2011

Managing the cloud-device convergence

July 7, 2014

Many industries are finding that managing the cloud device convergence within their organization has a compounding effect over time. In today's bring-your-own-device world, it is important to proactively address your infrastructure and/or end-user mobility demands and storage needs before they reach a crisis level. Learn more about a hybrid approach to device management by reading in the Cloud blog.

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  • ASP.Net Security Update

    Just got a very fresh update from ScottGu’s blog about the ASP.NET Security Update. A few minutes ago Microsoft released an advance notification security bulletin announcing that we are releasing an out-of-band security update to address an ASP.NET Security...
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    System Center solutions help you manage your physical and virtual IT environments across data centers, desktops, and devices. Here is how you should get started: Understand : Read about System Center and its various benefits at the Microsoft System Center...
  • Microsoft Tag Adding Support for QR Codes and NFC

    To help simplify the growing fragmentation currently taking place in the barcode/reader market, today Microsoft Tag is providing support for the two commonly used 2D barcode formats - Tag and QR Codes, and NFC capabilities. Each of the recognition technologies...
  • Download The TechNet Forum Assistant Now!

    The TechNet Forum Assistant is a free Windows gadget, available in the Microsoft Download Center. This gadget will help you better utilize the great information in TechNet Forums and community. By downloading, you have the support and expertise of Microsoft...