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Lystavlen is the danish word for 'the display board'. This blog is all about sharing the beauty of Microsoft Online Services

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    If you accidently delete a mail - and on top of that accidently empty the Deleted Items folder - you can still get to that ‘deleted-deleted’ mail using the Recover Deleted Items command. A deleted mail will be kept in your Deleted Items folder until it is manually deleted from there...
  • Blog Post: Office 365 passer på dine mails

    Er du kommet til at slette en mail og ydermere kommet til at tømme papirkurven ("Deleted Items")? Fortvivl ikke - i Exchange Online kan du selv gendanne en 'slettede slettede' mails. En slettet mail vil blive gemt i din ”Deleted Items” mappe indtil den manuelt fjernes af dig (en...
  • Blog Post: What happens if I empty the Recycle Bin?

    SharePoint Online users have a Recycle Bin where deleted content is stored. You can access the Recycle Bin to recover deleted documents and lists if you need to. This is sometimes called the first stage Recycle Bin. If you delete a file from your Recycle Bin the file is taken to a second stage Recycle...