New and updated topics to the CRM 2013 Implementation Guide

Create and edit business rules
Added two items to the list of Limitations for business rules about how business rules are cached for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets and how lookup values are set.

Create and edit processes
Added the "Are processes active when they are imported?" section to describe new behavior when importing solutions that contain processes.

Create an organization (PowerShell)
Updated the sample code to correctly check the status of the operation.

CRM for tablets and CRM for phones limitations and known issues
Added a new topic that describes the limitations and known issues when you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets or Microsoft Dynamics CRM for phones.

Customize CRM for tablets
Added a note to the Change commands for CRM for tablets section to point out that icons configured for commands won’t display and labels that are too long will be truncated.

Manage users
Added the CRM user record fields populated from Active Directory section to describe the synchronization behavior and the fields populated in CRM user records from Active Directory.

Mobile phone support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
Added a new topic that describes mobile phone support with CRM 2013 and CRM Online.

Verify new areas are available in the navigation bar
Added this topic to describe a new step added to the Post-upgrade steps for servers.