What is Lync Persistent Chat?

Have you ever wanted a single place where you can easily communicate and collaborate with the people you Work with? Do you find yourself spending time searching through email for a response to a question you had a while ago? Do you find it difficult to keep all discussions about a topic in a single place? If you answered yes to any of these questions then rest assured that Lync Persistent Chat is the solution!


Imagine the scenario where you have a group of people collaborating on planning an important event for your team. Each person sends an email with their tasks and progress. At some point new people join the team planning the event. Unfortunately the new team members are out of the loop and can’t see any of the previous conversations. Soon enough you lose track of what is really important and it becomes difficult to stay on top of your tasks and who is doing what, what has been completed, and what is still missing. Lync Persistent Chat solves all of these problem. Chat rooms along with add-ins make it easy for you to collaborate with the people around topics that are important to you. All collaboration is contained in one chat room where messages are persistent, Anytime a new team member is added, they will be able to read and go through all conversations in the room. This way they know what is going on and can catch up and be productive instantly. The best thing is you can stay on top of your tasks by creating topic feeds and notification that alert you when specific keywords are mentioned. That along with Add-ins allow you and your team to work more efficiently and collaboratively and never lose notification. 


Benefits of Persistent Chat

  1. Chat rooms are easy to create, find, and access (if you are granted permission!)
  2. Chat rooms are ways to contain all information in a single place and reduce the need for long email threads
  3. All messages are persistent and searchable. This way you never lose a message
  4. You can set different types of notification and be alerted when something or someone of interest to you is mentioned in rooms you are following

Some scenarios where Lync Persistent Chat is very useful

  1. Coordinate events
  2. Create ask-the-expert/Q&A forums
  3. Brainstorm
  4. Create a bulletin-board environment for evolving topics
  5. Collect feedback from colleagues/test new features
  6. Collaborate
  7. Share information between employees across shifts