No matter where you are, Lync mobile clients allow you to communicate with your work identity so you can stay in touch with your contacts without being tied to your desk.

Make calls on the go

Through call-via-work you can make calls to any of the contacts you see in Lync using your work identity.  Simply navigate to the contact’s card and select which number you would like to call.  Your Lync mobility server will place the call for you and the receiving party will see your work identity in the caller ID or Lync toast instead of your mobile number.  The server will also call you back, just answer the call and you’re connected! 

Easily join scheduled conferences

When using Lync mobile clients there is no need to enter your PIN or a long pass code to join a schedule meeting as yourself.  All you have to do is find the meeting you would like to join in the Lync Meetings tab or your native calendar if it is synced with Exchange, then tap the Join Meeting button or link.  Your mobility server will connect to the meeting and call you back.  Once you answer the call you’re joined to the meeting with your work identity.  Other participants will see your name in the participants list instead of your mobile number.


Instant message anywhere

Lync mobile clients also allow you to send instant messages to any of your Lync contacts.  Navigate to the desired contact’s card and send an IM.  Your contact will receive the IM as if you sent it from your desktop or any of your other Lync end points.

Angela Chin
Program Manager
Lync Mobile Team