Dear Mr. Presence,

Microsoft Lync has a great status note that I can set to let others know about my status.  Often times, though, I just want to know what is going on with others in my team.  Is there a way to view everyone’s note, with the most recent first?

-Actively Engaged



Dear Actively Engaged,

You are in luck!  With Lync 2010 you can view the notes of all the Contacts in your Lync Contacts List sorted chronologically.  Just click on the Activity Feed Environment button.


The Activity Feed Tab



The Activity Feed


You will then see a list of all the Personal Status Notes, Out of Office Messages as well as changes to Photo, Office Location and Title (based on Active Directory).  This information will help you keep up with what your colleagues are doing in their professional lives.

Depending on how your system administrator has configured Lync Server, it is possible that the Activity feed could be entirely absent.  Also, the number of Personal Status Notes that are kept and displayed can vary based on administrative settings.

If you don’t want any information other than your current Personal Status Note and current Out of Office message to appear in the Activity Feed, you can always opt-out via the Lync options dialog.


Opt-out of the Activity Feed


-Mr. Presence