With the release of Communicator “14”, you no longer have to have a separate client to create and run meetings that include presenting PowerPoint slides, polling the audience and collaborate on a whiteboard. The coming posts will tell you more about desktop/application sharing and PowerPoint presentations. Here is a sneak peek at the UI!

Meeting Lobby

This release introduces a Meeting Lobby for all your meetings. As you could see in the previous post you can control who gets directly into the meeting by selecting different access settings when you schedule the meeting. Let’s say you selected “People I invite from my company”:

The day of the meeting one of the invited people, Vishal, forwards the invite to his college, Clark, who is an expert on picnic baskets. Clark was not directly invited by you, so he will be waiting in the lobby when he joins the meeting. In the previous version, Clark would have received a message that he could not join the meeting. By adding the meeting lobby concept we are simplifying the process of getting the right people into the meeting in a timely manner, pre-invited or not.

You can clearly see the lobby notification and admit Clark into the meeting.

If you are running the meeting from your phone instead of OC, you will hear a voice prompt when someone enters the lobby. By pressing *8, you can change the access settings and open the door for anyone in the lobby.

Published Friday, September 03, 2010 8:53 PM by octeam