Office Communicator (OC) 2007 R2 is finally here, and I hope you’ve had a chance to explore some of the cool new features Rajesh mentions in his blog post.  Although the release was mostly focused on enhancing the voice experience, we also made some updates to the contact list to improve the contacts experience. 

Sort by display name

In OC 2007, contacts within groups are sorted by status (availability/busy contacts appear first followed by away, offline and presence unknown contacts), and are sub-sorted by display name.  When a contact’s status changes from available to away, the contact’s position changes within the group.  This made it difficult for users to find people in large groups because the contact ordering in a group is unpredictable.  In OC 2007 R2, we added an option to sort contacts by display name.   This option can be found under the view menu.  Once it’s selected, contacts are sorted by display name within a group and you should no longer see the contacts ordering change when there are status changes.  

Persist group ordering

In OC 2007, the ordering of groups was not persisted between OC sessions which caused a lot of confusion for users who have one or two groups they always want to see at the top of the contact list. We have fixed this issue in OC 2007 R2 and the ordering of groups is persisted between sessions on the local machine.

Add phone only contacts to the contact list

A new feature is the support of phone only contacts in the contact list.  This is a really useful feature for those who use OC to dial phone numbers. 

A phone only contact refers to any contact that has a phone number but no email or IM address.  You can search for a phone only contact that is an Outlook contact, and add the contact to the contact list via drag and drop.  

Notice that phone only contacts have a phone icon in next to the display name. The icon is used to differentiate phone only contacts from other types of contacts.  Double clicking on a phone only contact initiates a phone call, whereas double clicking on contacts with the presence jellybean opens an instant messaging conversation. 

Once the phone only contact is in the contact list, you can right click and select properties to open the Outlook contact inspector.  If you update the Outlook contact and add an IM/email address to the phone only contact, this will convert the contact to a presence contact. 


Cindy Kwan
Program Manager

Published Monday, April 13, 2009 10:50 AM by octeam