Voicemail has been an important feature of PBXes for years. In Microsoft Office Communicator R2, we have continued to invest in the integration with Exchange Unified Messaging (EUM) to make it easy for you to access your Voicemails and manage your Voicemail answering options.

In this blog post I will be discussing three new Voicemail features in R2:

Voicemail Change Greetings Support: You can now change your Exchange personal greeting or access your voicemails by one click in R2 and then a quick selection in the Voicemail IVR menu. No need to remember your PIN or access codes!  This will be found useful by many information workers who have to change their Voicemail daily due to unique nature of their jobs.

Improved detection of read Voicemails: In R2, when you click on the new Voicemail notification to view the item in Outlook, we immediately remove the new-voicemail notification across all of your Microsoft Office Communicator R2 endpoints for consistency.  Due to this there are no stale Voicemail indicators and you will know when a new voicemail comes in.

Voice Memo: Saving the best for the last. Of all the new R2 voicemail features, my favorite is leaving a voice memo for any contact in your organization. It lets you send a Voicemail with subject and importance without even ringing the recipient. The recipient gets notified of the Voicemail in their favorite email client with that subject and importance. How cool is that?

So to summarize, we have continued to invest in new Voicemail features for our latest Microsoft Office Communicator R2 release.  In this blog post, I shared three new Voicemail features as part of that investment.

Just to reiterate, R2 like the previous version continues with showing the new Voicemail notification in the Windows system tray.

You can then choose to open the Voicemail in Microsoft Outlook by clicking in the Voicemail notification in the R2 main window.

We are interested to get your feedback about the new R2 Voicemail features. Let us also know how you use Voicemail and how can we make it better for you.


Noor-E-Gagan Singh

Published Monday, April 06, 2009 12:30 PM by octeam