With Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007 R2, you can seamlessly add communication modes to your conferencing session. For example, you can start an IM conversation with a single contact, add additional contacts for an IM conference, and then add audio and video to the conference. If you need to share data, applications, or slides, you can share your desktop or escalate to a Microsoft® Office Live Meeting session—without having to re-invite participants.


Turn an IM conversation into a conference

During an IM session, click Invite, click Invite Someone, and then select the contacts you want to invite to the conference.


Turn an IM conference into a phone or AV conference

During an IM conference, click Add Audio to add audio to the conference, or click Add Video to add video to the conference.


Turn a phone or AV conference into a Live Meeting

During a conference call, click the arrow to the right of the Additional Actions button, and then click Share Information Using Live Meeting or Meet Now Using Live Meeting Service. (These options are only available if Live Meeting is installed.)


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Neeti Gupta
Product Manager, UC Technical Audience Marketing

Published Tuesday, March 31, 2009 10:30 AM by octeam